Want to get Sponsored by BLC?

We have recently started an Instagram focused sponsorship program offering products from our website FREE of charge to persons who we feel can represent BLC. Our sponsorship deal is very simple, passive and purely based on how you as the sponsored party want to run it. 

How does it work?

If you are eligible we will send you a care package which includes a hoodie, tshirt, keytag and a personalised sticker. Going forward you can start to build credit with every post at the end of the month you will be sent an electronic voucher for BLC.
Contact us to check eligibility via the contact form or on instagram 

Terms and Conditions?

  • Credit for every post is 5GBP with a maximum of 40GBP to be accrued per month
  • Your credit will be valid for 30 days from issue of voucher code
  • For your post to be eligible and log a credit you will need to send a DM via instagram with the posted image
  • Posts must include products sold by BLC
  • Sponsorship can be terminated at any time

If you’d like to get involved contact us now.


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