Mia Rose Charms Terms and Conditions

How to attach your phone charm

You can attach your phone charm to the side or to the bottom of your phone case. Firstly remove the case from your phone. push the loop through the side or bottom hole keeping hold of the loop. Push the charm through the loop and let go, so the charm is now looped onto the phone case. the charm can be used as an accessory for things like bags, jeans and more using the same method.

How to attach your car charm

Attach the charm over the rear car mirror. You may have to adjust the mirror forward a little to ensure that it's fully secure.


We have put love and care into our charms and they have been inspected before being sent out; we do hope you love your charm, however this may not be the case for everyone. Unfortunately we do not accept refunds or exchanges due to these items being handmade, however if the item is damaged or did not come as described on arrival we will give you a refund.

Please notify us within 14 days.